Mother Herb provides all products to local Dispensaries in the Las Vegas area. We also make 1/2 & 1 oz. Jars of Cannabis and pre-roll joints for those on the go.

Marijuana is rated in 3 categories: Sativa, which keeps you awake & active; Indica, which usually makes you tired; and Hybrid, which is a combination of both.

A word of warning:  Be advised that "THC" is the active ingredient  in Cannabis that produces a high and euphoric feeling and can last 2 to 6 hous. THC usually ranges from 6% to 30% in smokeable Bud. We recommend that a "first timer" should smoke a 12% to 16% product. The higher the number the more you will feel the effects. 

The "CBD"  is what produces an actual "Medical" affect. It has been known to stop seizures and intense back pain. The CBD  can range from 10% to 18% in a  true medical Bud.


Acapulco Gold  - This Strain is unique to Mother Herb and is from of the old 1960's strain, but has been transformed into a Medical Brand with a high CBD count for Medical Patients. CBD ranges as high as 18%, THC is normally  only 7% to 9%. This strain has been known to stop both seizures and intense back pain.

Sex Candy - This Hybrid Strain is only found in Nevada at Mother Herb and produces a smell of  a newly opened box of Chocolates. It derives its name and popularity from actually adding you the "Libido" in 85% of the people that smoke it . We caution that you smoke it in private for the first time. It can also cause uncontrollable laughter. THC level can be usually from 20% to 28%.

Blue Dream - A nationwide "Top Ten"  favorite. This strain is a well known Sativa Dominant Hybrid that gives a nice Full Body, Happy,  Relaxation, and Mellow feeling. Great for Pain, Depression, and Nausea. THC 18% to 28%

OGKB - This Indica gives a good "Body Buzz"  for a Happy, Euphoric, & Relaxation feeling. Great for pain and sleeping through the night. THC is normally 19% to 26%.

GSC - This is also a Hybrid with Indica dominant that provides a Happy, Energetic feeling at first, and then develops into relaxation. Great for Pain and Stress.  THC ranges from 19% to 26%

Burkle - Heavy Indica Hybrid that keeps you  Calm, Relaxed, and Hungry. Also, does wonders for Pain, Stress, Depression, and Insomnia.  THC is around the 17% to 22% mark.

Yoda OG - Heavy powerful Indica Strain that smells like Pine & Lemon. Best for Insomnia, Relaxation, Anxiety,  and problems with Pain. This will make you into a "Couch Potato" in no time. THC is normally 18% to 27%.

Super Lemon Haze - This Strain is a Sativa Dominant Hybrid. It is known for  producing Creativity, Euphoria, Happiness and also helps the Libido. THC is between 18% and 25%.

Cherry Diesel  - This Sativa dominant Hybrid smells like both Cherries and Diesel Fuel. But don't let that fool you. It is great for Relaxation, a nice Euphoric feeling, and a touch of elevating the Libido. THC is from 16% to 24%.

Brian Berry Cough -  This  highly sought after Strain is a 50/50  Hybrid , it smells like Berry and produces a Euphoric, Happy, and Focused high with THC running between 19% to 25%.

Limelight - This is a relatively new Indica dominant Hybrid Strain that  has a wonderful Citrus Lime smell. It is great for Creativity, calmness, Pain, and increases the appetite which is great for Cancer patients. THC  ranges from 20% to 27%.